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Coming Down the Stretch

There are eight games left, what are the Red Sox going to do?

Some think they don't deserve to make the playoffs. I believe that we will win the American League East, but I think we will need a lot of help from our pitching staff - something we've been looking for all season long.

Let's check out the match-ups for the rest of the season:

BOS David Wells @ BAL John Maine

TOR David Bush @ BOS Curt Schilling
TOR Gustavo Chacin @ BOS Tim Wakefield
TOR Ted Lilly @ BOS Bronson Arroyo
TOR Scott Downs @ BOS Matt Clement

NYY Chien-Ming Wang @ BOS David Wells
NYY Randy Johnson @ BOS Curt Schilling
NYY Mike Mussina @ BOS Tim Wakefield

I had to do a little research to come up with everything past David Bush in the rotations. Depending on whom the Yankees want to pitch or not, odds are we'll see Wang, Johnson and Mussina in the final three games of the season. But we combat with our best pitcher (Wakefield), one of our better pitchers this season (Wells), and Schilling who has the ability to be great.

I hate making predictions because I am a very superstitious person, but I'd be happy to win six of the last eight games. Of course I'll take a sweep, but six of the last eight would be very nice, especially if we can sweep the Yankees.

I think we have a few favorable match-ups. Having Wakefield pitch is always a nice thing, especially since he faces the Yankees and he struck out 12 of them last time he pitched against them. We also have a few favorable match-ups against the Blue Jays. It will really all come down to those final three games, I believe.