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Who's the MVP?

When I hear the name David Ortiz, I think `clutch.' After this season I want to be able to think `most valuable player.'

It's going to be hard, but I really want to see David Ortiz as the American League's Most Valuable Player when the season is all said and done. Ortiz's biggest competition for the MVP award is going to be none other than Yankees' third baseman Alex Rodriguez.

The key question to this whole equation is what will decide this MVP race?

Will it be batting average?

Rodriguez leads Ortiz by 24 points in batting average, as Rodriguez stands at .321, while Ortiz is at .297. Rodriguez is now second in the league to Michael Young (.329) in batting average, and that's a stat that will help Rodriguez enormously. Voters, I assume, like the batting average. And if they see Rodriguez has 20 points in that category, then it might be swayed against Ortiz' favor.

Will it be home runs?

Well here is a category where they are even in. And when I say even, I mean dead even. Ortiz blasted his 41st home run last night to tie Rodriguez for the lead in the American League. Let's go deeper in this category, though. Who has more clutch home runs? That's Big Papi for sure.

Will it be runs batted in?

Ortiz has the nod in runs batted in, or RBI, if you will. Ortiz has 127 runs batted in, which is one more than Mark Teixeira, and 16 more than Rodriguez. Will the runs batted in offset the batting average? It quite possibly could. RBI may be more valued than batting average, because even if you hit .500 but don't drive in runs, then you can't win the game. Correct?

Will it be on-base percentage?

Now here's a freaky stat: both Rodriguez and Ortiz have exactly the same BA-OBP differential, which is exactly one hundred points. Ortiz's OBP is .397 and Rodriguez's is .421. Amazing, right?

Will it be slugging percentage?

It gets even freakier! They both have the same exact slugging percentage! .600 for both these guys. Could this get any tighter?

Two final things while you ponder about who is the MVP. Will Ortiz being a DH hurt his chances since he doesn't play the field? And what happens if Rodriguez can't lead the Yankees to the post-season while Ortiz leads the Red Sox to their first division title since 95. What if that happens? Who wins?

There is a poll attached. Vote in it if you care. Just click 'Entry Link' and scroll down to vote.


Who is the AL MVP?

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  • 53%
    BOS David Ortiz
    (41 votes)
  • 43%
    NYY Alex Rodriguez
    (33 votes)
  • 2%
    Other (Teixeira, Ramirez, etc?)
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