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Open Thread: 9/11/05 @ NYY

I got a question for the readers of Do you want to see me write a little blurb about the game for the open threads, or a nice little, graphical presentation like I used to do? Sometimes I don't have time to write the blurb, so I just have the basic info. Just tell me what you prefer.


"Mr. Reliable" Tim Wakefield (15-10, 4.29 ERA) takes the mound in New York. He'll hope to repeat the performance of his teammate Curt Schilling (8 IP, 2 R) as he takes on New York's ace Randy Johnson (13-8, 4.05 ERA). Johnson hasn't been himself this year, as he looks to be on the decline. But he can still put together a good game.

A VERY weird lineup today. No Ortiz because he hurt his back, so Youkilis is playing first base, Damon is DHing, and Kapler is in center:

J. Damon dh
E. Renteria ss
K. Youkilis 1b
M. Ramirez lf
K. Millar rf
T. Graffanino 2b
D. Mirabelli c
B. Mueller 3b
G. Kapler cf