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Schilling Did It

Curt Schilling put together a great game against the New York Yankees yesterday. It's easy to admit that. He faced one of the best lineups in baseball, and mowed them down like he was pitching in game seven of the World Series. Do we all agree?

I think we can all agree.

What about the future of Schilling? Does anyone think he can do that game-in and game-out? I don't think he can. Don't get me wrong though, and don't jump the gun. I think he's a very effective pitcher, but I don't think he can go out there and go eight innings every game like he did.

The Yankees' strategy was obvious: jump on Schilling as quick as possible. But his stuff was better yesterday, causing the Yankees to hit into outs. If they didn't try to jump on him as soon as possible, then Schilling's pitch count wouldn't have been so low, and he probably would have only gone six, maybe seven innings. Is that bad? Not at all. I just think we are fortunate that the Yankees were jumping at his pitches.

Once again, I'm not downing Schilling here. I'm just speaking the truth when I say he won't go eight every game. Do I want him to? Of course I do; he was great yesterday. I think it's more realistic to see him going six or seven innings. I won't complain if he pitches six great innings at all. I just want him to do his job effectively because we need an ace.

Which brings me to another point: can Schilling be considered an `ace' if he can only go six innings a game? I'm not too sure. But if it's six scoreless innings, then I think he can. What are your thoughts?