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Open Thread: 9/10/05 @ NYY

Here's a revenge game, and the truest test yet for Curt Schilling. Is he healthy? Can he still be a starter? Will he be able to pitch effectively today? All questions will be answered today.

As said, Schilling (5-7, 6.83 ERA) will take the hill in New York. For New York it is former Colorado Rockies great Shawn Chacon (5=9, 3.66 ERA). Chacon has a good ERA since becoming a Yankee, but just doesn't have a good win/loss record.

Graff is leading off, while Olerud is in the game and we're not seeing Millar:

T. Graffanino 2b
E. Renteria ss
D. Ortiz dh
M. Ramirez lf
T. Nixon rf
J. Varitek c
J. Olerud 1b
B. Mueller 3b
G. Kapler cf