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OK, so the Yankees have got one game on us. So what? We are the Boston Red Sox. We are the defending World Champions. What are the Yankees? They are a team that has struggled all year long.

Aaron Small pitched well last night. So what? Do you expect Small to be pitching into the seventh inning when it comes playoff time? Or, actually, in late-September when everything is on the line? I don't.

And what about today's starter, Shawn Chacon? He doesn't have a proven track record in the playoffs. If the Yankees do win the wild card, how do you believe they will do with names like Small and Chacon maning the rotation? Randy Johnson isn't the same, but, of course, he can still make you look foolish. Mike Mussina hasn't been the same for a couple of years now. How about the rest of their starters? Injuries, my friend, injuries.

So what do we need to win this series? A whole lot of offense. And we all know that the Sox can certainly provide that. They aren't the best hitting team in the majors for the past three years for no reason.

We have the offense but, then again, can our pitching do the work?