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Open Thread: 8/29/05 vs TB

Finally! An Open Thread posted by me!

Still sick, but I've got an article or two in progress. Have faith. Don't leave me just yet, OK?

Quick news: Mark Bellhorn looks to be signing with Oakland. Bad news for us, good news for Oakland, I personally think -- WHOA! Just double checked my sources, and apparently Bellhorn is going to sign with the New York Yankees.

I'm not happy.

Stupid Bellhorn. Bellhorn: don't you understand that you would have been in Pawtucket for about three days? You would have been called up ASAP and be playing for us. Who cares if it is behind Tony Graffanino; you'd still be a Sox!

OK, enough of that. Bellhorn is gone so let's forget about him. We'll need a stellar outing from our 'ace' Matt Clement (11-3, 4.35) who went seven innings his last time out. For the Devil Rays it is Seth McClung (5-7, 6.40) who went seven innings in his last two games. It should be a good game.

Anyone care to post the lineup? I'll leave that for the readers from now on if people like to do it.