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Sox News and Notes

  • As we all know by now, Mark Bellhorn has been designated for assignement by the Boston Red Sox. I know we will all miss him if he doesn't land back on Pawtucket, but I'm sure we won't miss his strikeouts, right? Bellhorn was a good guy having a bad season. Simple as that.
  • Curt Schilling is going back to the rotation Thursday to face the Kansas City Royals. This is an odd move to me, though, because Schilling just had a great outing so now we move him out of the closer's role and let Mike Timlin close? I'm not too sure about that. And what does this mean for Jon Papelbon and Wade Miller? Papelbon should continue to stay in the rotation, and I think the moment of truth will be today's game against the Angels. I believe a strong performance will keep him there.
  • Adam Stern is on the disabled list while Lenny DiNardo comes up. I feel sorry for DiNardo because as soon as Trot Nixon is healthy -- which is very soon -- he'll be sent back down to Pawtucket. He's getting KYS: Kevin Youkilis Syndrom. We shouldn't be looking to guys like Mike Remlinger or Ricky Bottallico for bullpen help when we've got DiNardo pitching great for Pawtucket.
  • There has been a lot of talk on Over The Monster about Craig Hansen possibley joining the big team as soon as Tuesday. If it was probable a couple of days ago, it is even more probably now as he pitched a perfect inning last night, striking out two. I'm for the move, because it seems like he is dominating, but I don't want to ruin the kid like what happened to Cla Meredith. Meredith has not been himself since the callup, and that's a problem.
  • With Timlin closing beginning on Tuesday, our best setup option should be both Mike Myers and Chad Bradford. Both those guys can pitch night after night, and are very effective against the lefties (Myers) and righties (Bradford). The 7th inning and earlier may cause the problem, though, as we have no other bullpen arms that have proven themselves this year. Time will tell, though.