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Open Thread: 8/13/05 vs CHW

After David Ortiz put on a hitting clinic last night, it is time for round two of this huge meeting between the Soxes.

Tim Wakefield (11-9, 4.13) takes the hill for Boston against one of the games best pitchers this season in Jon Garland (16-5, 3.29). Garland is having a fantastic year, but his second half hasn't been as good as his first one, so we should take advantage of that.

Interesting lineup tonight with Johnny Damon out of the game:

G. Kapler CF
E. Renteria SS
D. Ortiz DH
M. Ramirez LF
R. Petagine 1B
K. Millar RF
D. Mirabelli C
B. Mueller 3B
T. Graffanino 2B

8/12 Notables:

  • David Ortiz hit two home runs, combining for six RBI on the night. That gives Ortiz 28 home runs and 99 RBI on the season.
  • Chad Bradford, Mike Myers and Mike Timlin all pitched perfectly last night, while 'the closer' Curt Schilling gave up 3 runs. Thanks to Ortiz's home run in the 8th, we actually walked away with a 9-8 win.
  • Yesterday was David Wells' fourth straight start without a walk, and has only allowed three walks in July and August combined. Got to love his accuracy.