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All-Star Game Pictures

I went to the Double-A Eastern League All-Star game this year with a media pass in one hand and a camera in the other. I was on the field taking pictures, and I've got quite a few good ones, like the photo I put up yesterday of Chris Durbin, Jon Lester, and Kenny Perez. I was never able to put an article together (though if anyone is still interested, I have half an article written), but I'm posting the pictures for you right now.

Hanley Ramirez at the plate.

Another pic of Ramirez, this one before the game. He sure liked to talk with fans and fratanize with everyone.

Durbin and Lester when they were called out before the game. Lester is a big guy.

Our favorite NESN announcers, Eric Frede and Gary DiSarcina.

Brandon Moss wagging the bat with his wide open stance. He had two great catches in the field, and I believe one hit on the night.

George Bush just "chillaxin'" after he played catch with a young boy. Did you know he's a southpaw?

Moss and Jared Sandberg walking out during pregame. Behind them is Shelly Duncan (NYY) who is an absolute beast and won the Home Run Derby before the game.

Like I said, Hanley likes the crowd. He was 'shaking' hands through the wired fence. Right after he walked over to me and shook my hand. It was my brush with fame.

The Maine Monster

Sandberg walking by. What a monster.