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Around Baseball and Boston's Top 10 Prospects

No game for Boston today, so it makes for a slow news day. We are coming off a complete rocking of the Texas Rangers, but you can only talk about victories like that so many times. They're nice to have, and I'd like to have one of those every day, but there are other things to mention.

The Hidden Ball Trick
Yeah, the famous hidden ball trick was performed last night and it was awesome. In the 8th inning of a run one ballgame, Florida's Mike Lowell had the ball at third base with Arizona's Luis Terrero standing on third as the tying run. Former Red Sox great (OK, maybe not that great) Todd Jones circled the mound after realizing Lowell was attempting the rare play, and then the tag was applied once Terrero took a few steps off the bag.

A few analysts thought it was a cheap trick and that it shouldn't be allowed in baseball. I think it is great for everyone, including the player that gets tagged out. Players are forgetting fundamentals, and that's why Terrero was tagged out. He walked off the bag before Jones was on the rubber, and that's something they teach you in little league not to do. It was his own fault. It wasn't a cheap trick; it was smart thinking by Lowell. I think Lowell should get a medal, while Terrero gets a nice, big dunce cap.

Prospect Lists and Analysis
I asked my minor league reporter Brian to compile his list of Boston's top 10 prospects, and I did the same. So we'll have that up this week hopefully. My goal is to get the readers of Over The Monster to reply with their own Top 10 and then I'll compile all of the lists and average them out for a community list for prospects. I think we'll get a pretty interesting list.

While we are talking about prospects, Brian and I sent John Sickels from a few questions about Boston's farm system for him to answer. John may be the biggest prospect experts in the country, so having him apart of the SportsBlogs Family is great and definitely an honor to blog along side him. We should get those answers sometime this week, so look for those.

To give you a sneak peak, we asked a few questions about stud prospects like Dustin Pedroia and Hanley Ramirez, but I made sure to chip in a few about some lesser known prospects like Edgar Martinez and Alejandro Machado.