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Open Thread: 8/10/05 vs TEX

We've won the series against the Texas Rangers, but I'm not satisfied, and I'm sure the rest of Red Sox Nation isn't satisfied with just winning the series. We want to sweep the series. And to do that, we have to beat Kenny Rogers (11-4, 2.77 ERA).

We've got ourselves a nice little three game winning streak, and with the New York Yankees losing today, we should gain some more seperation tonight with a win. The win will also be important because our next series is against the Chicago White Sox, and we'll need all the momentum we can get against that team.

For Boston it is Bronson Arroyo (9-7, 4.24 ERA) who wants to rebound from his last outing. We all remember that outing, as it was the 12-0 loss against the Twins, where Arroyo gave up 7 runs, but only two were earned.

Tony Graffanino is back in the lineup after a minor injury held him out for a few days. Gabe Kapler mans left field against the lefty Rogers.

J. Damon cf
E. Renteria ss
D. Ortiz dh
M. Ramirez lf
J. Varitek c
K. Millar 1b
T. Graffanino 2b
B. Mueller 3b
G. Kapler rf

In other news, I bought a Trot Nixon shirt yesterday. The mojo is flowing, folks, it's flowing. I'm not wearing it tonight, but just having it gives off good vibes.

Apparently the Red Sox have also designated Tom Caron for assignment, because he hasn't been on NESN in a few days. First it started with Alan Embree, and now it looks like the latest victim is Caron. Thankfully, Eric Frede has filled in nicely in the starting role.