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Open Thread 07/07/05 at BAL

That's one way to do it. Make sure the bullpen is only used for one out! I watched the game up until Clement let up back to back home runs then headed into the other room to watch some tv. By the time I got back to the game the first words I heard were "this is a save situation for Alan Embree" and I nearly choked on my cookies. But things turned out pretty good.

They took 2 of 3 from Texas and will now try to distance themselves from Baltimore even more as they head into a 4 game weekend series againt them. Tonight David Wells (6-4, 5.04) takes on Daniel Cabrera (6-7, 5.07). The two have vastly different styles as Wells will typically allow a lot of balls to be put into play and doesn't walk anyone while Cabrera strikes a lot of guys out and walks a lot. Let's hope the Sox keep it up and take a few from the O's.