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Open Thread 07/05/05 at TEX

I'm a little bit torn. Half of me wants to hate Keith Foulke with every fiber of my being. That half wants to fly down to Texas just to spit on him and call him mean names. The other half of me looks back to last year and sees him as the MVP of the playoffs behind David Ortiz. It's a "what have you done for me lately" kind of world, but it doesn't feel right to turn on a guy like that. Either way, he pisses me off. Last night was the last straw. That game was not fun.

Can the Sox turn it around? Tim Wakefield (7-6, 3.94) will do his best to make it happen. He's been the most reliable arm the team has in the last month. He goes up against Chris Young (8-4, 3.33) who has been absolutely huge for the Rangers and will have to be the team's ace now that Rogers is looking into a boxing career.