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Open Thread: 7/30/05 vs MIN

Crazy day of trade rumors. It's starting to get ridiculous.

Whatever. It sounds like the team will be very different come August 1st. If that's true, I just hope we are a better team and we still have our prospects in tact.

Gabe Kapler was activated today, but he isn't in the starting lineup. Adam Hyzdu was designated for assignment. It's not like he did much anyways. I have NO IDEA why Theo traded back for him. Ridiculous trade.

Kyle Lohse (7-9, 4.45 ERA) starts for the Twinkies, while David Wells (8-5, 4.57 ERA) goes out on the mound for Boston.

Update [2005-7-30 18:58:22 by Randy Booth]: 6:57 PM -- Manny Ramirez has been PULLED from the lineup. Gabe Kapler will be starting in right field, Kevin Millar in left field. Has a trade gone down?