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Alvarez Called Up

Abe Alvarez was called up to Boston this weekend when Matt Mantei was placed on the Disabled List with an ankle issue. Whether the injury is real or the wink wink variety doesn't matter much to me, I'm just glad to see Alvarez up, and wondering if this means he is being showcased prior to the trade deadline or not. An interesting idea I think, any thoughts from the readers?

Alvarez 2005 Pawtucket
ERA: 4.23
RA: 4.43
IP: 89.3
K/BB: 70/21 (3.33)
K/9: 7.05
BB/9: 2.02
H/9: 7.86
HR/9: .907
BABIP: .282

Alvarez's low BABIP figure worries me, but the rest of his peripherals are excellent anyways. Let's check out his BABIP figures from his previous years though, to see if he is one of those pitchers who has the ability to control hits on balls in play. There is a theory that good offspeed pitchers are capable of this, so it is entirely possible.

Career BABIP Figures
2003 Lowell: .213
2004 Portland: .312
2005 Pawtucket: .282

That .213 figure comes from 19 innings pitched. His Portland BABIP is below league average, so there may be something to this. It will be much easier to tell in the future after he has pitched a considerable amount for the Red Sox than it is now to speculate with such small samples available to us for study. I expect Alvarez to succeed more this time around in the majors than he did last time around, and to maybe earn a spot in the bullpen for the rest of the year. Breaking in starters the Earl Weaver way is the best way by far in my mind.