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Open Thread: 7/24/05 @ CWS

Today is a very special anniversary for all of Red Sox Nation. Today is the one year anniversary of ... (cue suspense music) ... The Boston Brawl. A day that will live in Red Sox history.

Oddly enough, Bronson Arroyo was pitching that day and he will be pitching one year later, also. Today Arroyo (8-5, 4.05 ERA) will face Chicago, who sends Jose Contreras (5-6, 4.34) to the mound. We have a very good chance to win 3 out of 4 in the series since we historically take care of business against Contreras. But we'll see today.

Also a year ago, Bill Mueller hit the walk-off home run off of Mariano Rivera. Oddly enough, I am wearing Mueller's shirt today, and he's hitting in the two hole today with Edgar Renteria getting the day off. Both Alex Cora and Tony Graffanino are in the game.

Oh the coincidences.