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This Has to be a Joke

You've got to be kidding me. You mean ... someone actually .. are they crazy?

There are apparently five teams, at the least, that are interested in former Boston reliever Alan Embree.

One man's trash, another man's treasure, I guess.

San Diego, New York (NL), Tampa Bay, Arizona and Anahiem are all interested in the 7 million (ERA) man. Apparently there are a lot of teams that want a left-handed reliever, despite the fact that he is having a poor season and is giving up home runs at an alarming rate. I can pretty much guarantee you that if Embree was a right-handed pitcher, there wouldn't be half the suitors calling his name.

I don't see Boston getting much in return for Embree. Maybe a low Class-A prospect, maybe something a little better than that. Or, maybe, we could package Embree and Kevin Millar together and kill two birds with one stone? I believe I heard somewhere that the Mets are interested in Millar, so maybe we can pull a trade there for an outfielder that hits lefties well. Mike Cameron a possibility?

I'm not sure if the Mets are shopping Cameron around, or if he'd even want to be a backup to Trot Nixon, but it would definitely improve our team. The money exchanged would pretty much even out as well, as Millar is earning 3.5, Embree 3.0, and Cameron 7.33. That's not even a million dollars of difference. Cameron would also give us some speed off the bench.

Of course, I just thought of this trade off the top of my head, like I do a lot of things, so take it with a grain of salt.