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Open Thread: 7/20/05 vs TB

I haven't been this excited for a Red Sox game for awhile now. Considering we finally won a game against these D-Rays. And today we play the rubber game of the series, and we definitely need to win this series to gain some momentum.

I actually have a lot of faith today, as David Wells (7-5, 4.75 ERA) -- yes, that David Wells -- is on the hill for the Sox. For the D-Rays it is Mark Hendrickson (4-6, 6.35) who has had his struggles this year.

We've got two newcomers in the lineup today. Tony Graffanino is playing second base and batting 7th behind Doug Mirabelli who is catching. And Adam Hyzdu is playing in right and batting 9th against the left-hander.

I don't really like the idea of having Mirabelli catch Wells since he's been so good the past month and a half, but I guess we'll give it a shot. But if Wells gets rocked, we may be able to blame it on Mirabelli.