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Hello, Youkilis! Goodbye, Youkilis?

With the addition of Tony Graffanino and Adam Hyzdu, and the subtraction of Alan Embree, that leaves the Red Sox with 26 men on the 25-man roster. Hyzdu took Embree's place last night, and Graffanino is started at second base today -- so who's going down?

To me, it looks like Kevin Youkilis is the likely option at this point. Graffanino comes to club as a very versatile player. Not only has does he play the usual utility infielder positions of second base, shortstop and third base, but he can play first base as well. He has appeared in 22 games at first base for the Kansas City Royals this season, while making only one error in 146 total chances.

So with Graffanino's range, Youkilis is not needed. You can make a case for Hyzdu being sent down (which, if you comapare both Youkilis and Hyzdu offensively to make a decision, I'd agree with) but I think Terry Francona and the Red Sox would rather have a fifth outfielder at this point so they can safely pinch-run Adam Stern and have Hyzdu as a pinch-hitter.

Speaking of Hyzdu, the trade they made to get him back has puzzled me. The only advantage, to me, getting him back is to take Chip Ambres' spot down in Pawtucket as that "AAAA" guy. We may not know if Ambres is a AAAA guy, or a real major leaguer, but we certainly know that Hyzdu is that guy at this point. You would think the Sox would want to bring in a backup outfielder that could hit lefties to platoon with Trot Nixon, or to pinch-hit for him late in the game versus lefties, but they didn't. A guy like Jason Ellison from San Francisco (.350 versus lefties in 100 at-bats) would have been ideal (but of course we don't know if he was available). Getting back Hyzdu just seems pointless to me at this time.