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Open Thread 07/02/05 vs. TOR

Better late than never, I always say! The game has already started and Toronto has a 1-0 lead, but the night is still young. Matt Clement couldn't do much to stop the Red Sox slide last night so tonight it's David Wells' (6-4, 5.00) turn as he goes for the Sox against the ugliest man in the game, Gustavo Chacin (6-5, 3.40). I'm not even going to bother thinking about last night's game or the series against Cleveland. Let's just look ahead and hope for the best.

In a bit of news that I just noticed, Matt Mantei is heading to the DL. Mantei has been struggling for quite a while now and this move seems more like a move to get him straighted out than a move because of a serious injury. Mantei claims that his arm feels great, but that doesn't mean there's not some part of him that's in pain. Getting the call up to replace Mantei is Abe Alvarez. Many fans will remember Alvarez for his one start for Boston last year and for his crooked hat. Alvarez is also known as being a control pitcher. His fastball tops out in the mid to high 80's, but he puts the ball where he wants to as his 2.1 BB/9 rate suggests. His K/9 in Pawtucket is 7.1 and he has been very consistant in that department over the last few years. The 22 year old is 7-3 with a 4.23 ERA this year. He's very young and may not be ready for the big leagues just yet, but this is exactly the kind of move I want to see. They're trying out someone new in the bullpen to see if he's effective.