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Open Thread: 7/18/05 vs TB

The Red Sox face the Tampa Bay Devil Rays tonight, and we need an absolutely huge game from starting pitcher Wade Miller (2-3, 5.03 ERA).

This isn't an ordinary game. This is the first game after winning only two games in the previous 8. This is a game that kicks off a series against one of the worst teams in the league. And this is a game we need to win for the momentum, because after the Devil Rays we travel to Chicago to take on the White Sox. So this game is huge, and we need Miller to be on top of his game.

We face 21-year old Scott Kazmir (3-7, 4.59) who has historically given us a hard time when we have faced him. This season Kazmir has started two games against us and has produced a 3.00 earned run average. It's not the best pitcher to face after two horrible series against the Orioles and the Yankees, but we'll have to make due. Hopefully he doesn't pull an Al Leiter, and end up just completely manhandling our ball club.

It is still unknown what is happening to Mark Bellhorn. He may go on the disabled list, if so, that leaves some possibilities. Word is Hanley Ramirez may be called up, or Kevin Youkilis may be called up to fill the spot. Then we'd see Alex Cora and Bill Mueller share time at second, and Mueller and Youkilis share time at third.