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Pawtucket's Midseason Report Card

The Paw Sox have struggled so far after the AAA All-Star break losing 3 of 4 to Ottowa. Jon Papelbon was lit up (6 runs in 3.2 IP on 8 hits, 1 walk, and 1 HR with 3 K's), but Kevin Youkilis is pissed off that he's back in Pawtucket and is taking it out on the ball going 8-17 with 4 walks in the series. Instead of getting too deep into a pretty disappointing Paw Sox week I'm going to give the mid-season report card for Pawtucket. Randy posted the major league report card last week. I didn't include some guys who are currently on the team such as Youk, Pedroia, and Papelbon because they've had most of their work come at a different level.

1B | Roberto Petagine
.319/.441/.637/16 HRs/50 RBI

What more can you ask from the guy? He missed nearly 30 games due to an injury to start the season, but he still has managed to be near the team leader in pretty much every offensive category. His RC/27 of 11.14 is a Bondsian type of performance. Because of his previous failures at the major league level when he was a pup, some believe he's a AAAA player, but my opinion is that this guy needs to be in Boston. NOW. It's a shame that he doesn't have a roster spot. He's been a huge boost to the Pawtucket team.

Grade - A+

CF | Chip Ambres
.295/.399/.494/10 HRs/48 RBIs

Batting anywhere from leadoff to sixth, Ambres has been very productive for Pawtucket. He's displayed some ok power, but it has been his speed (19 steals in 24 attempts) and ability to get on base that has really made him stand out. Thanks to an AVG that's 40 points higher than his minor league career he made the AAA All-Star team and he's putting up his best numbers as a pro. There has been some speculation that Boston may try to use the guy as their every day center fielder next year, but with Boston's win-now stance and high payroll, I wouldn't count on it.

Grade - A-

C | Kelly Shoppach
.254/.357/.521/17 HRs/47 RBIs

He's struck out a lot and his AVG is pretty low, but he's displaying some great power numbers for a catcher and he's taking enough walks to bring his OBP up to a respectable number. His defense is as solid as ever and he's been a real threat in the middle of the Pawtucket line up. After a disappointing .233/.320/.461 line last year, Shoppach has rebounded and will be dangled in front of 29 other major league teams as one very tempting piece of trade bait. With Varitek and Mirabelli around it'll be impossible for the guy to get regular at bats in the big leagues, but he could be the one that nets a reliable reliever.

Grade - A-

Shawn Wooten - D
He's getting regular at bats as Shoppach's back up as well as time at first, third, and DH, but with a .232/.299/.382 line the guy has been, by far, the least productive guy on the team.

Second Base
Alejandro Machado - B
He's making good contact with the ball (.309 AVG, 35 K's in 262 AB's), but he can't draw a walk (only 23) and has zero power (.370 SLG, 1 HR) while playing some second and a lot of short. He's been great on the base paths with 15 steals in 17 attempts.

Luis Figueroa - C
He's the only guy on the team walking less than Machado, but he had a little more power (.392 SLG, 6 HRs).

Third Base
Dave Berg - C+
Talk about a lack of punch. This guy hasn't had a home run in 277 AB's, but he walks enough (.398 OBP, 42/48 K/BB) to be slightly valuable.

Justin Sherrod - B
His .271/.338/.461 line would look a lot better if he drew a few more walks and struck out a lot less, but he does have enough pop to stay in the line up.

George Lombard - B+
Lombard is no Bellhorn, but he's close with 111 K's in 332 AB's. Despite that, his .262/.344/.473 line and 12 steals make him a productive player.

Mike Lockwood - D+
With a .255/.305/.432 line in 220 AB's, Lockwood is almost giving Wooten a run for his money when it comes to the team's most useless player. Almost.

Lenny Dinardo - B+
He's been Pawtucket's most reliable starter with a 3.23 ERA, but he averages only 4 2/3 IP per start. He may be better suited coming out of the bullpen. He's been walking too many batters, but with only 3 HR's allowed this year that's not hurting him.

Jeremi Gonzalez - B+
He's been in Boston for a lot of the season, but in 11 starts he's 5-2 with a 2.61 ERA.

Tim Kester - B
At 8-4 with a 4.47 ERA and only 20 walks in 106.2 IP, this guy has been a solid middle of the rotation guy for the Paw Sox.

Abe Alvarez - B-
He's been very average with a 4.67 ERA in 94 IP, but at least he's not walking any and he is 7-4.

Chris Naverson - C
He's walked nearly as many as he's struck out (42 BB's, 52 K's) in 93.2 IP and he leads the team in homers allowed, but at least he's not Byung Hyun Kim.

Scott Cassidy - B+
He's pitched well enough this year as a spot starter/long relief man to earn a shot in was a very quick shot. But he's helping out the Paw Sox in every way they ask him to.

Tim Bausher - B
He's been getting the outs when the team needs him to. He's had the lowest bullpen ERA on the team, but his peripherals suggest he may not keep it up.

Mark Malaska - B-
He started the year off pitching very good, but he's crashed back down to earth and now has a 4.66 ERA in 48.1 IP.

Anastacio Martinez - C
He's been pitching well lately, but it will be a while before he erases the memory of his first couple of weeks which were absolutely dreadful.

Jack Cressend - C
Way Back Cressend doesn't have the same ring to it as Way Back Wasdin, but the long ball has hurt Cressend this year to the tune of a 4.86 ERA in 46.1 IP thanks to 9 homers.

Juan Perez - C-
In 35 IP he has an ERA of 5.14 thanks to the fact that he's walking too many and has allowed 6 home runs. He is striking a lot of guys out, however.