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AJ Burnett as a Red Sox?

absolutelax395 pointed out in the diary section that says that AJ Burnett will be traded to the Red Sox.

At the bottom of the article, though, Theo Epstein says, "There is no truth at all to any deal we are making with the Marlins." But Theo has said things like this before, and then make the trade.

An article also on says the Sox are offering Bronson Arroyo and prospects to the Marlins, and the only contention we have in getting Burnett is the Baltimore Orioles.

How does Red Sox Nation think about this trade? We might lose Arroyo, but Burnett says he would resign with the Red Sox if he were to be traded. I don't like the fact we might lose Arroyo, but Burnett has been one of those pitchers that I've wanted for a few seasons now. We'll see what time tells.