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Open Thread: 7/14/05 vs NYY

Baseball is back, and the best way to welcome back baseball is to play the New York Yankees. Our rival, and the world's rival are in Fenway Park tonight, and we need to JUMP on this four game set with them.

Tonight we'll be facing Mike Mussina (9-5, 3.97 ERA) who tends to have success versus the Red Sox in his career. For the Sox we send out Bronson Arroyo (7-5, 4.02 ERA) who has been great in July with a 2.87 ERA.

Yankees Lineup:
SS Jeter
2B Cano
RF Sheffield
3B Rodriguez
LF Matsui
1B Giambi
C Posada
DH Williams
CF Cabrera

Red Sox Lineup:
CF Damon
SS Renteria
DH Ortiz
LF Ramirez
RF Nixon
1B Millar
C Varitek
3B Mueller
2B Bellhorn