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Open Thread: 2005 All Star Game; AL vs NL

I'll be happy if the American League can pull this one behind a few stud Red Sox players -- how about you?

Here are the lineups for both squads.

American League
Pitcher: Mark Buehrle

CF Damon
3B Rodriguez
DH Ortiz
LF Ramirez
SS Tejada
RF Guerrero
1B Teixeira
C Varitek
2B Roberts

(Notice that the whole team is from the AL East except Guerrero and Teixeira)

National League
Pitcher: Chris Carpenter (Representing New Hampshire! Woo-hoo!)

RF Abreu
LF Beltran
DH Pujols
1B Lee
CF Edmonds
3B Ramirez
C Piazza
2B Kent
SS Eckstein

I choose the AL lineup, personally.