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Open Thread: 7/10/05 @ BAL

It's time to rebound after an ugly loss last night to the Baltimore Orioles. Today it's going to be tough though, as Professional Red Sox Killer Rodrigo Lopez (7-5, 4.72 ERA) takes the mound for the O's.

We've got our own stud on the mound though in Tim Wakefield (8-6, 3.98) who has been great this season with Doug Mirabelli behind the plate. And, like always, Mirabelli is behind the dish for today's game. Alex Cora and John Olerud also get starts today, with Cora starting at second base for Mark Bellhorn:

CF Damon
SS Renteria
DH Ortiz
LF Ramirez
RF Nixon
3B Mueller
1B Olerud
C Mirabelli
2B Cora