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Open Thread: 6/5/05 vs ANA

Jamie Squire/Getty Images

Yesterday was just bad all around, in a 13-6 loss to the Angels.

First of all, Alan Embree got smacked around. What's new? But what's worse is that Matt Mantei got smacked around, and now his earned run average, which was something I was gloating about last week, is 4.91.

Bronson Arroyo pitched pretty well, but the relief corps just didn't do what was necessary to pull it out. What a shame, too.

Today we have Wade Miller (2-1, 4.85 ERA) going against Jarrod Washburn (3-3, 3.80). The matchup seems to be a push, but you never know with the Red Sox these days. They may win 17-1, or lose 13-6.

Inconsistency is killing us.