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Open Thread: 6/3/05 vs LAA

I don't think I am the only one when I say that I hate the new of the Angels. The Los Angeles Angels of Anahiem. Horrible, horrible name.

Let's talk about last night, first. Big Papi came through in the clutch again. Remember what I said when I listed Ortiz as the number 5 hitter in the American Leagues?

I don't think there is a more feared power hitter in the late innings of a ballgame than Ortiz.

And he showed it once again. You just have to love Ortiz. And you just have to love Edgar Renteria. What he did may have been bigger than what Ortiz did. To lay a bunt down in the 9th inning with two outs takes guts. It doesn't matter if Melvin Mora was playing deep; he easily could have screwed up the bunt and hit it back to BJ Ryan.

What makes that walk-off even more magical is the fact that Ortiz hit it off of Ryan, a left-handed pitcher. People used to say Ortiz couldn't hit lefties, look at his stats against lefties this year: .295 batting average, .348 on-base percentage, .492 slugging percentage.

Tonight David Wells (3-4, 5.96 ERA) tries to start a winning streak for us. For the Angels it is Kelvim Escobar (2-2, 3.56) who's been pretty good so far this season.