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Schilling to the Rotation...Who Goes to the Pen?

When Curt Schilling comes back to pitch for the Red Sox sometime in the near future, one of the members of the Red Sox rotation will have to move to the bullpen to make room for him. Bronson Arroyo and Tim Wakefield have the experience in the bullpen, but they are the 2nd and 3rd best starters the Red Sox have according to VORP:

Clement: 25.6
Wakefield: 14.1
Arroyo: 10.0
Wells: 6.4
Miller: 4.1

Clement is obviously staying put, and Wells is the one who probably deserves a demotion the most, but he's not going anywhere. Miller will most likely stay in the rotation, so that leaves Wake and Arroyo to duke it out. Now, as a Red Sox fan, I want Arroyo to stay in the rotation in order to become an effective starter, get more wins, etc. As a stathead, I want Arroyo to the bullpen so he can come in and pitch effectively for a few innings at a time and give the Red Sox something other than Halama and Embree to turn to. Mike Timlin can't do it himself (luckily he won't have to, as Keith Foulke has turned it around and should be a great closer for the rest of the year) so maybe moving Arroyo to the pen is best for all concerned. I vote for it, how about you guys?