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Open Thread 06/28/05 vs. CLE

Well, ya can't win them all. Kevin Millwood was just too much for the Red Sox and Bronson Arroyo didn't have his game on. Tonight the Red Sox try to rebound as Cleveland sends their ace, Cliff Lee (8-3, 3.28) to the mound to face one of Boston's shakiest starters so far, Wade Miller (2-2, 4.83).

Again this post is going up about five hours early because I'm about to head out to work. So to fill some time up before the game, just answer a little question. Who is your favorite obscure Red Sox player? I'm not talking Wade Boggs, Mo Vaughn, Nomar Garciaparra, or Curt Schilling. I'm talking about the guys that don't get any of the glory and most fans forget they were even on the team. Guys like Doug Mirrabelli, Jeff Frye, Phil Plantier, and Bill Hatcher. I have no idea why, but my favorite when I was first getting into baseball was Tom Brunansky. When I was a kid I didn't realize just how bad of a team the Red Sox were in the early 90's. Brunansky and his 16 home runs was the team's biggest power threat and maybe that's why I liked him. But for some reason, I was a Bruno fan.