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Open Thread 06/27/05 vs. CLE

It's six hours until game time, but the post du jour has to go up right now as I'm about to be heading to work. To keep you busy until game time, answer a question for me. Who are you rooting for tonight? The Yankees take on the Orioles in a three game set that starts tonight. Do you root for the Orioles to win? The Orioles are closer to the Sox and have been a first place caliber team all year. Do you root for the hated Yankees to win? The Yankees have been pitiful and do not look like they have it in them to win this year, but they are the Yankees. So are you pulling for tonight?

As for the Sox game, we have a rematch from last week as Bronson Arroyo (6-3, 4.02 ERA) takes on Kevin Millwood (2-5, 3.34 ERA) and the Cleveland Indians. Last week when they faced off Arroyo went 7 strong innings letting up 1 run and Millwood went 6 innings getting touched for 6 runs. The Red Sox won the game 9-2 and that was in Cleveland. Tonight they play at Fenway.