John Tomase On Manny

Today on WEEI's Big Show, John Tomase of the Lawrence Eagle-Tribune
attempted to defend his pathetic article on Manny Ramirez from
yesterday. While doing so, he engaged in the following exchange with
the show's host, Glen Ordway:

Ordway "It's almost as if we have accepted Manny for what he is" Tomase "That's what I have a big issue with, Why is that acceptable? That's like saying 'Jeffery Dahmer has had people in his freezer for a while now, so that's what he does.'"

That is a verbatim quote. A comment like that should get Tomase suspended. Comparing Manny to one of the most despicable serial killers in history? That is just disgusting. The man should be made to defend
his job if Bill Burt, his editor, had any integrity.

I mean, that is a complete joke. I suggest those who agree with me
write the following individuals:

Irving E. "Chip" Rogers
Chairman and Publisher

Richard M. Franks
President and Chief Executive Officer

and complain about such a comparison. Mr. Tomase should be disciplined for such an outrageous comparison in my opinion.