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Open Thread: 6/2/05 vs BAL

Split! Split! Split!

It's pretty sad, but a split is all we can hope for as the Sox and O's go at it again today at 1 eastern. Even if we do split, this is pretty much a lost series with us not gaining any ground on the AL East leading O's.

I think we have the game in our favor -- on paper atleast. Matt Clement (6-0, 3.06 ERA) is on the mound for the Sox, while the O's send out Hayden Penn (0-0, 1.93), a rookie making his second career major league start.

Don't be fooled my Penn's ERA. He only pitched 4.2 his first start, and gave up three runs, only one earned. So he has shown that he is supposed to be hittable. I supposed to be, because Rodrigo Lopez and Sidney Ponson were too, and we did nothing against those guys.