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Interesting Stats

.500 batting average
Kevin Millar's average in June.
Kind of crazy to think about it, but Millar is finally coming around and starting to hit the ball. It's typical Millar though: struggle for a month or two, and then come full circle and hit like an All-Star that he has the capability to be.

.400 batting average
Millar's batting average since John Olerud joined the Sox
Typical Millar, or influenced by Olerud? Maybe both, but don't forget that Olerud is also hitting .400 on the season. Now it's time for Terry Francona to decide what to do with the lineup.

5 earned runs
Number of runs Mike Timlin has allowed this season.
It's a pretty amazing stat, considering Timlin has appeared in 31 games this season and has pitched 32 innings. His earned run average stands at 1.41, and despite being 39 years of age, he's the best setup man in the majors. Timlin definitely deserves to be an All-Star this season.

.299 batting average
Portland's Brandon Moss's batting average
Not impressive, right? But you have to take in the fact that Moss was on the verge of riding the bench earlier in the season with his batting average below the Mendoza line significantly. Now, though, Moss, who was the South Atlantic Most Valuable Player last season, is starting to hit - and hard. Moss has 10 home runs on the season, second to Jared Sandberg on the team, and continues to produce.