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Sox May Be Back, but I Definitely Am

I know, it's been slow around here, but forgive me. It's the end of the school year, and over the past week or two I've had to write three, five page papers that were all over it's minimum (a couple of six page papers, and an eight). Then I had orientation on Monday and Tuesday, and never had a chance to get to a computer. The only reason the open thread was up yesterday was because I called my brother and had him log on and start it up for me. But now, I'm back, and have a lot more time to write as tomorrow is my last final.

As for the Sox, they are on a 3-game winning streak for the first time since we swept Oakland back on May 9-11. That's when we were hot. Now, though, we are just six games over .500 at 35-29, and are 3 games behind Baltimore who, despite skeptics, have continued to play well.

Want to know something shocking? The Red Sox have a worst record than the Montreal Expos. Excuse me - wait a second -- the Washington Nationals. Don't flame me, because I know they are a new team in a new location, but to me they are the Expos, and I'll still remember that ugly logo they had on their hats and their jerseys.

But yeah, anyways, the Expos have a better record than us at 38-27. I can't believe it, but maybe we just lost our mojo momentarily. We'll get it back.

Right? We'll get our mojo back?

It's starting to come back. Even David Wells has some mojo, as he pitched 7 innings of great baseball last night, making that 15 straight innings of shut-out baseball. I think Wells is back in form now, but we shouldn't expect outings like every time out. He will struggle and occasionally give up some runs, but if he stays healthy then he'll put up some good numbers. A sub 3 earned run average at the end of the season? It's possible, but doubtful.

It's that time of the year again: summer is coming, and the Red Sox are starting to win again.