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Open Thread: 5/9/05 vs OAK

Starting Pitchers

3-1 Record 1-4
2.97 ERA 5.50
25 K 33
11 BB 18

Update [2005-5-9 20:30:41 by Randy Booth]: Trot Nixon just hit a big double with Bill Mueller on third and Johnny Damon on first, scoring both runners. Danny Haren has just been taken out, as the Sox have lit him up for five runs in the bottom of the fourth inning.

Update [2005-5-9 21:42:32 by Randy Booth]: Kevin Millar finally did it and has hit his first home run of the season. Then it was followed shortly by a home run by Trot Nixon himself. 13-2 and Cla Meredith is in the ballgame.