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Open Thread: 5/4/05 @ DET

Starting Pitchers

2-1 Record 0-2
2.78 ERA 4.64
20 K 9
10 BB 15

Update [2005-5-4 21:39:46 by Randy Booth]: Mike Timlin just had a great 1-2-3 inning to finish the 8th with the Red Sox leading 4-3. Keith Foulke will come in for the 9th. So only time will tell if we can win this one, or if Foulke will give up another blown save.

Update [2005-5-4 21:54:1 by Randy Booth]: Two outs. A strikeout for Foulke, and a deep fly to center. Can Foulke have a 1-2-3 inning, or am I building suspense just to be let down? Hopefully it's not the latter.

Update [2005-5-4 21:55:22 by Randy Booth]: A single for Dmitri Young. That's all. No worries. We can still win this one.