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Over The Monster T-Shirts!

I have good news, and I have bad news. Which would you like first? The bad news? Alright.

The bad news: David Wells was horrendous and didn't even last two innings.

The good news: I'm creating Over The Monster t-shirts for sale.

Let's just skip over the bad news for now and just talk about the good news. With the good news, I need a little help from my faithful readers.

I'm a little stumped, to be honest. I'm going to create OTM t-shirts, but I need a nice little catchy saying, or slogan, or something along those lines. This is where you, the readers, come in: I need ideas! It's harder to create a t-shirt than you think -- trust me! So I want the OTM Faithful to send me some T-shirt ideas via e-mail at or leave ideas in this comments section. Sound good? Great!

Just think of it now: if you have a great idea for a shirt, and I use it (I may use more than one, by the way), and my shirts become popular -- maybe even world famous -- then there's your idea splattered around Red Sox Nation. How can you say no to that?

So take a few seconds, come up with some ideas, and let me hear them. Thanks.

Update [2005-5-18 21:43:43 by Randy Booth]: I forgot to say that these slogans can be anything related to the Sox. I am aiming for something funny, though, but I'll take any ideas.