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Open Thread: 5/1/05 @ TEX

Starting Pitchers

2-0 Record 2-2
3.90 ERA 6.25
24 K 7
12 BB 10

Key Stat:
Matt Clement's 24 strikeouts, which leads the Red Sox this season.

If there is any game for us to win in this Texas series, it's this one. Arroyo pitched terrific last night and had some great run support, so can't we do the same for Clement tonight?

Kevin Youkilis had a great game last night, so is he back in the lineup again today? I'm sure he is if Bellhorn is still feeling under the weather, but why not give Bellhorn another day off even he is feeling better? Let him sit on the bench and rest for a day and come out better and hopefully put up some better numbers.

Update [2005-5-1 13:41:4 by Randy Booth]: The lineup is out and Kevin Youkilis is playing third base and batting ninth today against the Texas Rangers.