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Sox Prevent Sweep and Doubters

It seemed like the Red Sox were on the verge of getting swept in a season opener for the first time since 1996, but thanks to Alex Rodriguez, the Sox were able to prevent the sweep and win 7-3 in the Bronx.

Not only was a sweep prevented, but bringing out the doubters was also. Imagine if the Sox lost today's game. What would the Faithful, and the non-Faithful, be talking about tonight? The Sox aren't the same team as last year ... Another 86 years until we win another ... They're bums again! I wouldn't be able to take it. I already heard enough of it after David Wells' poor performance Sunday night: He's old, fat and isn't worth the money! Imagine if we got swept by those MFY (or, if you prefer, any other acronyms to describe the Yankees.) -- just imagine how painful it'd be to talk to fellow Sox fans.

Rodriguez had a chance to win the game in the 9th with the Yankees leading 3-2 when Manny Ramirez hit a ball to third. Rodriguez couldn't handle it, though, and he bobbled the ball and couldn't make a play. He could have at least made a force out at home, or started a game-ending double play. No dice, though, and Mariano Rivera blew the save for the second time in as many games.

Once again, I thank you A-Rod.

David Ortiz, Kevin Millar and Edgar Renteria all had great games with the bat. Ortiz went 3-3 on the day, and Millar did also but left the game in the sixth inning due to a cramp in his leg. Renteria had two hits and two RBI's to make up for a couple of bad performances to start the season.

Tim Wakefield started the game and was extremely impressive compared to his spring training outings. Wakefield went 6.2 innings, allowed three hits, two earned runs and struck out four.

In relief, Alan Embree worked .2 of an inning but gave up one run courtesy of a sacrifice fly by Gary Sheffield that knocked in Tony Womack. Mike Timlin, who got the win, and Keith Foulke worked a perfect combined 1.2 innings.

Early in the morning Terry Francona left the stadium due to chest pains. Bench coach Brad Mills filled in for Tito, and so far this season Francona is 0-2 while Mills is 1-0. Coincidence? Yeah, definitely: don't read into anything at this point.

Bronson Arroyo makes his first start of the season on Friday against probable starter David Bush and the Toronto Blue Jays.