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Let Me Throw it Out There

Ok. I might get a big slap across the face for suggesting this, but just hear me out for a minute, OK? Just one minute.

Instead of calling up Jeremi Gonzalez or Abe Alvarez to get a start before Wade Miller is ready, why don't we have Keith Foulke take a shot and start a game?

Call me crazy, but it might just work. Foulke was originally a starter, so we know he has the stamina. Foulke started 70 games in the minors and finished with an ERA around 3.29. He also started in eight games for the San Francisco Giants back in 1997, but those results weren't anything to talk about (1-5 record, 8.26 ERA). But that was before Foulke was Foulke. So why not give him another shot?

Foulke could seriously snap out of his slump if he puts together one good start for the Red Sox. What do we have to lose? Nothing. Have Mike Timlin be the closer for one night -- it won't kill us. I think it would be great for Foulke and the Sox to try this just once. Foulke could end up having a great game and then head back to the bullpen where he would have the confidence to close out games.

I've thrown out a poll for Red Sox Nation. Click "Entry Link" at the bottom of this post to participate in it. And be sure to give me some feedback in the comments section.


Would you like to see Keith Foulke get a spot-start to try and break out of his slump?

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