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The Booted Brothers

First it was David Wells with his injury the other night, something that could put him out till June. Now it's Curt Schilling, who's back in a boot and will miss atleast two weeks on the disabled list.

Lenny DiNardo was called up to the big club yesterday with Wells on the disabled list. A move that makes me extremely happy because in DiNardo's short tenure with the Sox last season, he became one of my favorites. So seeing him back pitching for the Sox just gives him another chance to stay with the team. DiNardo worked an inning last night, giving up two hits, striking out one and not allowing a run.

With both Wells and Schilling on the disabled list, that leaves two big holes in the rotation. The Sox will move John Halama from the bullpen to the starting rotation for the time being, but we still have one spot in the rotation to fill. Any guesses anyone?

DiNardo, who was in the rotation in Pawtucket and was successful, may make a few starts. Jeremi Gonzalez, who is currently down in Pawtucket supporting a 3.00 ERA, is another candidate. But why not we take a shot and go with the youngster Abe Alvarez?

Alvarez had a spot start last season and gave up five runs in five innings, which is pretty good for a youngster like Abe. This season he's just getting better against tougher competition now that he is pitching with Pawtucket in the International League. And c'mon: he can't be any worse than what Wells has been doing this season.

The rotation is in shambles right now, so it'll be interesting to see what Theo Epstein and Terry Francona do in the upcoming weeks to rectify this situation.