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Ethics in Sports Journalism

Update [2005-3-6 14:27:28 by RBooth]: Here's another BSMW link about Steve Silva knowing Nomar would take the ring, even though he posted that on his site. Link courtesy of Fire Brand of the AL

Today at Boston Sports Media Watch, Jeff Sullivan (a former sports journalist who worked for The Fort Worth Star-Telegram, The Boston Globe and The Pawtucket Times) posted an article about The Boston Globe's ethics .

Ethics, or lack there of.

Sullivan takes a real shot at the Globe and, if his facts are true, they are well deserved.

It all starts with Steve Silva, operator the Boston Dirt Dogs, which is owned by The Boston Globe. Recently Silva made a post at his website saying that Nomar Garciaparra doesn't want a World Series ring, and that Boston "could keep it." His source? An e-mail from a woman named Jessica in Arizona.

The Globe has said they will do nothing about it, but Sullivan is frustrated that Silva isn't held to the same standards that normal employees of the Globe are.

Imagine the national reaction if a random person sent an email to a Globe sportswriter stating a professional athlete was homosexual and it ran on the front page. And the next day, it was revealed that the story had no truth, with a random email having served as the lone source. It makes Jayson Blair look like Woodward and Bernstein.

He's definitely got a point there.

That isn't his only fact. Sullivan has a lot more case-in-points throughout the whole article, which can be read, once again, here.