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Theo Workin' That Phone 24/7

First it was Blaine Neal coming to Boston. Second it was trading for Mike Myers, who we had for the last half of last season, yesterday. Now, it's the departure of Byung-Hyun Kim. I will speak for Red Sox Nation when I say:

We love you, Theo Epstein.

I am just completely flustered with emotions right now. I still haven't really haven't given any analysis to the Neal/Hyzdu trade. And when I think the storms are calm, yesterday Epstein does a terrific job and acquires Myers, someone who will give us that LOOGY (Left-handed One Out GuY) that I think every team needs. With Neal and Myers on the roster, Epstein finally gets rid of Kim (though it did take a huge chunk of his salary to do so) and we find ourselves without that big chip on our shoulders.

With the addition of Myers and the loss of Kim, Anastacio Martinez was designated for assignment. He'll either be picked up by some team, or we could bring him back to Pawtucket.

I still like Martinez, but it just isn't his time to be in the big leagues yet. So I hope we can bring him back to Pawtucket, and A-Mart can improve his stuff and make another run at the pros.

The roster is finally set. It looks like the Sox will go with 12 pitchers and only four bench players (Jay Payton, Ramon Vazquez, Doug Mirabelli and Kevin Youkilis). This is only for the time being, though. I'm very interested to see what happens when Curt Schilling and Adam Stern come back from injury.