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Sox Sign 13

The Red Sox signed the following players to one-year contracts, making their whole 40-man roster under contract.

  • 3B Kevin Youkilis
  • SS Hanley Ramirez
  • OF Adam Stern
  • OF Adam Hyzdu
  • C Kelly Shoppach
  • LHP Abe Alvarez
  • LHP Juan Cedeno
  • RHP Manny Declarmen
  • LHP Mark Malaska
  • RHP Anastacio Martinez
  • RHP Luis Mendoza
  • RHP Anibal Sanchez
  • RHP Chris Smith

The only members of this group that have a chance to make the big club out of spring training this season are Kevin Youkilis, Adam Stern, Adam Hyzdu, Mark Malaska and Anastacio Martinez.

Personally, I'd like to see Stern make the club and maybe Malaska or Martinez.

Youkilis has the most major league experience, but I'd rather see him getting at-bats at Pawtucket rather than sitting on the bench in Boston. If starting third baseman Bill Mueller ever goes down with an injury though, we'll know who to call.

The rest of the list are just prospects that the Sox are protecting at the moment. The majority of them will be contributing at double-A Portland or triple-A Pawtucket this season, with Boston not in their site this season.