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Sox News & Notes

Don't you think it's kind of funny when Tony Massarotti of the Herald comes out with this article today, when I came out with a much similiar article yesterday?

Can Stern make the big club? You bet he can, particularly with the Sox potentially looking for someone to replace Dave Roberts on their bench. At Double-A Greenville (N.C.) last season, Stern batted .322 with eight home runs, 47 RBI, 27 stolen bases and 64 runs scored in 394 at-bats. The stocky left-handed hitter falls somewhere between Lenny Dykstra and Darren Bragg in baseball's evolutionary chain, and the Red Sox plan to find out exactly where.

Thanks Tony, because, you know, I didn't just say that yesterday (Actually, I really like the article on Stern, I'm just gloating because my article on him came out exactly a day before a Herald columnist. Sweet).

The starting lineup for tonight's 7:05 game against the Twins was released recently:

RF Jay Payton
2B Mark Bellhorn
C Jason Varitek
1B Kevin Millar
SS Edgar Renteria
3B Kevin Youkilis
DH Roberto Petagine
CF Adam Hyzdu
LF Billy McMillon.

I'm excited to watch Roberto Petagine have some at-bats tonight. I know we may only see one or two (if we are lucky, then three) at-bats, but we're still going to be able to see what he can do. It's not the best judgement of his ability, but atleast it's something. Also, I'd rather see Petagine playing first base tonight rather than Millar because Petagine was a Gold Glover in Japan and I want to get an early look at his defensive abilities.

Players who will definitely not be playing tonight are Manny Ramirez, Bill Mueller, Trot Nixon, Ramon Vazquez, David Ortiz and Doug Mirabelli.

Jeff Horrigan and the Herald have another good article today, this one on last year's Rule-V draft pick Lenny DiNardo.

There's nothing really special about the article, I just liked it because DiNardo is one of my favorite pitchers on the team and he deserves some attention. Some people were disappointed with his results last season, but those people forgot (or didn't realize) that DiNardo's highest level of organized baseball before playing with the Sox was seven games with the Binghamton Mets -- a double-A team.

His stats weren't even bad last season: 22 games, 28 IP, 6.8 K/9, 4.23 ERA and a 3.68 qDIPS ERA.

I want him to make the big club this season, but that seems unlikely depending on how Byung-Hyun Kim pitches during spring training. I wouldn't be surprised if DiNardo is slotted right behind Kim for that last bullpen spot (pending injuries).

Be sure to check out the diaries on the right-hand side of this page. Right now there is a poll up asking readers who they think is the Red Sox's best acquisition this off-season. Currently Wade Miller is in the lead.