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John Sickels: All Questions Answered Thread

I'm proud to announce that next Thursday (3/24) at 7 o'clock eastern time, minor league expert John Sickels from will be here at Over The Monster to answer all your Red Sox questions.

He'll be here for one hour (7-8 eastern), so I encourage you to ask any and all questions that you have for Mr. Sickels.

The only thing I ask is if you see a bunch of questions posted at one time, give it a few minutes before you post another question. We don't want to bombard Mr. Sickels with too many questions at one time. But don't be shy with your questions either. If you've got something to ask, or say, then do it.

Nothing about Red Sox prospects is off limits. If you want to know about Brandon Moss, Anibel Sanchez, Juan Cedeno or any other player in the farm system, then just ask it. Because that's why he's here.

REMINDER: This is not the thread to ask questions in. On Thursday, the thread will be put up and you ask your questions in the comments thread.