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Red Sox News & Notes

Ian Browne has a great article on Red Sox setup man Mike Timlin.

Timlin, like the article says, is the captain of the bullpen. He may not be the guy that closes the game or usually gets the last out, but he may be the most important figure in the 'pen because of what he does off the field.

Timlin seems to be ageless. The 39-year old (Happy Birthday, Timlin. Today is his birthday.) still hasn't reached his limits, when many thought that he'd break down by now. Instead, he's been the only stable part of the sometimes inconsistent bullpen.

Wade Miller said recently that he doesn't think he'll be ready for opening day in New York. According to Miller, it will take him about a month into the season to be ready to pitch again.

This is actually better than expected for the Sox. Many people thought that Miller would be out until June or even July at the latest. At one point, Miller said he'd be ready for opening day, but that's out of the question now.

Whenever Miller is ready, he'll be a great addition to the rotation.

Defensive whiz Roberto Petagine has a partially torn meniscus in his left knee and will have surgery on Tuesday to repair it.

Petagine was a front-runner for one of the last bench spots until this injury occurred. With Petagine out, David McCarty, who is also an excellent defensive firstbaseman, has a better chance to make the team out of spring training.

I wouldn't expect Petagine back until atleast May, if he does get called up to the big team. Odds are that he'll rehab in Pawtucket, and the Sox will monitor his performance.