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Miller Optimistic for Opening Day

According to a Jeff Horrigan article this morning in the Boston Herald, newly acquired right-hander Wade Miller feels optimistic about being on the opening day roster for the Red Sox.

"I don't know the timetable but I'm very optimistic about starting the season with the team" - Miller

The Sox won't be pushing Miller before he is ready, considering the Sox already have many options for starters just in case Miller isn't ready to go (Tim Wakefield, John Halama, Byung-Hyun Kim).

I think Miller should just be completely safe and only come back when he can throw every pitch without a wince of pain on the mound. Why push it when the Sox do have the depth that is currently on the roster? Even if Curt Schilling is hurt and misses the first few weeks or so of the season (something that I don't think will happen) and Miller is on the disabled list, our rotation is solid:

LHP David Wells
RHP Matt Clement
RHP Bronson Arroyo
RHP Tim Wakefield
LHP John Halama

Of course, this rotation isn't as great with Schilling maintaining the top spot. With Schilling and Miller out of this lineup, it makes me push John Halama into the rotation which isn't that bad of a thing. It puts another lefty into the rotation, but historically Halama has always pitched better as a reliever.

With Miller and Schilling, I would bump out Tim Wakefield and Halama out of the rotation, giving the bullpen better depth. Of course, a lot of this depends on the mystery man: Byung-Hyun Kim.

Kim has been pitching up to expectations so far this spring, according to some reports. If that is true, then his velocity is back in check and he has that frisbee slider hitting the corners. So what do the Sox do? Trade him and get something for him before he may or may not lose his mind on the mound? Or do we let him stay on the club and see how he pitches. If we do the latter, and he struggles, his trade value is gone and we are stuck with a five million dollar pitcher wasting space on a roster somewhere.

If Kim is healthy and pitching well, and we have Schilling and Miller healthy, our pitching staff is terrific. From the top of the rotation to the bottom of the bullpen, we are solid baring any other unforseen setbacks.

With all this talk, I'm ready for Opening Day in New York.